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Airplane Travel to Alaska

Arriving  to Alaska by airplane is the easiest way to get here. Although you can drive here from the lower 48 states or Canada, for the most part visitors fly via airplane to either Anchorage, or Fairbanks.  Some arrive by Cruise Ship. Alaska is a huge state, far away from the rest of the US, so unless you have the luxury of time, we recommend flying to Alaska.

You can also combine a land visit with a cruise. Because of the great size of our state, the best way to see Alaska is to make a number of short trips of a week or two at a time, focusing each trip on a different region, or returning to your favorite region.

Be sure to understand the scale on any maps you may be studying; and don’t make the mistake of trying to see the entire state in one trip, unless you have at least 3 or 4 weeks! Even with that much time, you’ll be spending a lot time just getting from place to place. To see the entire state will require additional travel by ferry or airplane in order to visit areas like Juneau, Kodiak, Nome, etc.

Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our very special cabins and rooms, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them; just south of Seward, Alaska, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula.

The Anchorage Airport, known as the Ted Stevens International Airport is a large airport, with new terminals. Read the Wikipedia listing about the Ted Stevens International Airport. Most flights leaving Alaska occur in the evening. This has to do with our distance, and the 4 hour time zone difference between Alaska and the eastern US.

Arriving flights into Anchorage may also be in the middle of the night. If you are arriving later than 10pm during summer months, you may consider staying in Anchorage the first night, then heading to your destination the next morning. During winter months we recommend driving in the daylight. There are a number of smaller plane operators that provide transportation to remote locations. There is NO regular air service to Seward at any time of year; during summer months you may be able to charter a flight to Seward.

NOTE REGARDING CAR RENTALS AT AIRPORT: If you rent a car at an airport location you will pay an additional 11% in taxes. See our information on the “Car Rental” page. As alternative, some folks fly into the Fairbanks International Airport. To include a visit to the Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley, and to avoid “doubling back” some guests fly into Fairbanks and work their way south on the train. Once they reach Anchorage they rent a car, and when done visiting South Central Alaska, they fly home from Anchorage.

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