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Alaska is truly the Last Frontier in the United States and many travelers are not quite prepared for what they find when they visit. Outside of the major cities, even on the outskirts of cities, it is common to find areas lacking in any kind of regulations (zoning) when it comes to land usage. Many areas are still lacking in things like electricity and running water. What Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay offers are some exceptionally clean “modern luxury” cabins and rooms in what remains one of the last frontiers, within the Last Frontier! Our cabins give you a rare opportunity to experience our magnificent Alaska scenery and wildlife in an up close, personal way.

This aerial photo was taken over Seward, facing south in early April. You can see the Seward Highway, downtown Seward, and Lowell Point in the distance on the right (west) side of the photo. Resurrection Bay is the large body of water, surrounded on both sides by mountains. The Gulf of Alaska is in the far south.

This aerial photo of Lowell Point shows all the roads, the location of all of Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay’s cabins and office, and the location of the Lowell Point State Recreational area, which serves as the trail head for both Tonsina Creek and Caines Head State Park.

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