Rental Car

Rental Car

Driving around Alaska (in the areas that can be reached by the road system) is the most flexible and easiest way to see much Alaska, particularly the South Central area, Kenai Peninsula and Seward.  Although there are some other transportation options (bus, train, plane); their schedules are often inconvenient.


By far the most convenient way to travel to Seward, and our waterfront lodging accommodations on the waterfront of Lowell Point, 3 miles south of Seward, will be with a rental car. The drive to Seward, Alaska, via the Seward Highway is one of the most beautiful drives in the world! We highly recommend having a rental vehicle, at least for the Kenai Peninsula portion of your trip (there are no banned gravel highways on the Kenai)! Below we review some very important information about rental cars.

Be sure to give yourself time to experience some heavenly relaxation in our very special cabins, with spectacular wildlife and scenery surrounding them, just south of Seward, Alaska, on the shores of Resurrection Bay, on the Kenai Peninsula. The ground travel portion of your trip can be complicated to put together; please take advantage of our local insight!

All major car rental companies have locations in Anchorage (we will be adding Fairbanks information soon, feel free to ask for our help!) For more reliable information we recommend calling the local #s rather than the toll-free #s; this will enable you to speak to a customer service representative in. Alaska, who will be more familiar with how things really work here (which can be very different ;)).

Almost all rental cars will come with all-season radial tires. If renting a car in winter months, Dollar Rental in Anchorage is the only company that rents cars with studded tires (Fairbanks info coming). If you are coming to Seward in the winter you might consider taking the Homer Stage Bus to Seward then renting a car if you want one, from the Local Hertz office, since they have vehicles with studded tires, Studded tires are highly recommended for winter driving in the Seward area and on the Kenai Peninsula. Expect to pay an extra $15 per day. When renting a vehicle in Anchorage, there is an additional 11% tax, plus a surcharge when renting at the airport.

Enterprise has several locations away from the airport, and will pick you up at your hotel. You may save 10% when renting from Enterprise–ask us for the discount code (you can use the discount code we give you whether you get your car at the airport or away from it.). When renting a vehicle in Alaska, you will get the best rate if you pick up and return the vehicle to the same location. There can be hefty one-way drop off fees for renting in one location and dropping in another.

The ONLY car rental option in Seward, is Hertz. If you need to pick-up or drop-off a rental car in Seward, it is best to call the local office of Hertz at 907-224-4378, for more reliable information. If you are looking for a car rental to drive unpaved highways, such as the Denali Highway, the Haul Road to the Arctic Circle, etc. you will be unable to find any major rental company that allows it. You will be driving at your own risk should you choose to drive those highways.

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