Stores & Shops

Seward Alaska

Favorite Shops

(everything is on 4th Avenue Downtown!)

Downtown, a very special yarn & knit shop.

Downtown, gifts, local artist gallery, office supplies, few electronics.

Downtown, historic site, clothing & gifts

Cover to Cover Books

Downtown, a little book shop! New & Used

Once in a Blue Moose

Downtown, Alaskan artwork & gifts (also in Anchorage).

Downtown, unique gifts, wonderful shop! Great little bakery in the back too!

Downtown, great (incredible!) quilting & fabric shop, sewers beware!

Homemade candy and sweets, gelato, coffee, candied nuts, gifts.

Downtown, wonderful clothing shop.

The cabins are about 3 miles from downtown.

Email Portals:
We have hi-speed wi-fi on our property

  • Around Town:
  • Grant Electronics downtown on 4th Ave.
  • Library 5th & Adams.
  • SeaBean Coffee shop downtown on 4th.



  • The kayak shop on 3rd Avenue north of Resurrect Art.


  • Safeway, on the Seward Hwy.
  • First National Bank of Alaska, downtown on 4th.
  • Wells Fargo, mid-town on 3rd (Seward Highway) at D Street.


  • Seward Chiropractic Center Dr. Gonzales
  • Progressive Chiropractic Dr. Hayes

Both are great; and very different.

Hospital or Clinic:

  • Glacier Family Medical is located on the Seward Highway across from the turn off for Exit Glacier.
  • Seward Community Clinic Jefferson & 1st Avenue, entrance on 1st Ave.
  • Providence Emergency is located at Jefferson & 1st Avenue, entrance on Jefferson.

Grocery Stores:

  • Safeway on the Seward Highway just north of the turn off for the boat harbor area.
  • Three Bears, just south of Safeway, has some fresh produce, but in general is better for bulk purchases only although you may find some things there.

Gym/Fitness Center:

  • REZ located downtown on 5th, and geared for drop in clients.
  • Apex Gym, located across from the turn off to Exit Glacier, on the Seward Highway.

Ice Cream:

  • In the boat harbor, The Creamery, and downtown at Sweet Darlings.


  • Downtown on 5th & Adams, during the summers they show the Earthquake movie at 2PM (except Sundays).


  • The Retreat corner of 4th and Madison, mid town.


  • Self-serve, at Bear Creek Trailer Park, mile 6 of the Seward Highway.
  • Visit the SALMON WIER nearby while waiting!
  • Self-Service and Drop laundry at Suds & Swirl, south west corner of 3rd Ave & Jefferson (great service).

Museum — In the Library, low cost admission, great rainy day activity

Gas Stations:

  • Three Bears Shell, Seward Highway north of Port Ave. on West side (mile 2).
  • Essential One, Seward Highway, south of Safeway.

Auto Service & Repairs:

  • Terry’s Tire for light mechanic work, oil changes, tire repairs on 3rd Ave.
  • Auto Tech, Mile 6 Seward Highway for more serious repairs.

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